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An Industry Wood Powder and Shadings Supplier

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Hoang Trong Nghia Trading and Service Company (HTNWOOD)

is a specialized unit in producing Wood Powder (60, 80, 90, special 200 mesh), Wood Shavings, Wood Pellet, and incense powder to serve the domestic and export markets.

✜ Various applications:

➪ Used as a safe fuel material

➪ Used as a functional reserve water fertilizer, heat retention, and humidity increase

➪ Used as bedding for livestock

➪ Used as a material for producing plywood, etc.

✜ HTNWOOD'S strengths:

☑ Production capacity: 600-800 tons per month

☑ Factory scale up to 1000m2

☑ Target market: Domestic Vietnam, International (India, Korea, Japan)

Tel phone: +84 937 441 990.

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